Matrix Color Sync Hair Salon Grand Rapids

Matrix Color Sync is one of the high performance hair color lines offered at our Grand Rapids hair salon.  Whether you crave a subtle color boost or a complete transformation, Color Sync hues can create the beautiful color you long for.  Matrix color technology ensures consistent results so you can expect salon perfect color and condition, every time.

The Extra Coverage Collection allows you to blend away your gray WITH NO AMMONIA!  Six flattering, AMMONIA-FREE, multi-faceted shades let the shine come through but not the grey. Extra Coverage shades provide full-bodied color coverage for hair that is up to 75% grey.  Replenish your hair with long-lasting, velvety rich, natural colors and shine.



A color glaze service is great if you are looking for a rich but subtle change to enhance your natural hair color. Ask for the Color Glaze Signature hair color, and add richness and shine to your hair.


If you’re interested in making a stand-out statement, ask for the Color Spice Signature hair color for a vibrant color change.



Goodbye Grey Signature hair color with Color Sync Extra Coverage shades provides great coverage on hair that is up to 75% gray.   This formula allows shine to come through, but not the grey.



If you love the look of a more refined platinum blonde, ask about Blonde Polish Signature hair color featuring Color Sync Sheer Pastel shades.